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SURDOCA Car Seat Organiser

SURDOCA Car Seat Organiser

If you have children, you’ll know the days of having a tidy car are long gone. From crumbs in the car seat to toys on the car floor, your car can sometimes feel messier than your house!

Many parents are purchasing themselves a car organiser to keep the back of their car in order. It is becoming an essential item for many families.

These handy car organisers attach to the back of the seats of the car and are made up of several mesh pockets, drinks holders and tablet holders, to keep everything you need throughout the journey easily reachable. It keeps the car tidy and organised.

Benefits of a car backseat organiser

Here are some benefits of a car backseat organiser

  • Have a place to store all travel accessories in one place
  • Kids items can be stored without cluttering the car
  • Have all kids travel items easily reachable
  • Tablets and iPads can be stored safely
  • No toys and items on the car floor
  • Convenient storage place for baby items
  • Keep all items secure when travelling
  • No more lost items
  • Make long trips enjoyable

I absolutely love the SURDOCA car backseat organiser. I have been looking for a car backseat organiser for a while. When I came across the SURDOCA car seat organiser I was amazed as I have been able to store all our travel accessories without a hassle. This product is ideal as it fits the rear of the passenger seat of our car perfectly.

We have two car seat organisers. The kids love to store their books, drink bottles, toys and snacks. They especially love the clear tablet storage pocket which enables them to freely watch what they like without balancing the iPads on their laps. It keeps everything they need easily reachable.   There is a zip pocket on top that can be used to hide the iPads when leaving the car. There are no more toys and books scattered on the seats and car floor!

We also store hairbrushes, wipes, masks, gloves, notebooks and pens. The many different size pockets make it the ideal backseat organiser to keep your car neat and tidy.


We order the product on Amazon. It arrived very well packaged and when opened the product had minimum wrinkles.

Car seat organiser



The car seat organiser comes in two neutral colours – black and grey.

Car backseat organiser



Very easy to install with two clasp straps. The car organiser has two fastenings clasps, one at the top which goes around the car seat headrest and the other at the bottom. It can be easily adjusted to fit all car seats.

car organiser


Lots of storage space

Best car backseat organizer


Specifications: Measuring 23×18 inches it consists of 9 different pockets. It is very compact and has plenty of storage space for toys, snacks and drinks. One zip pocket on top, another 10.5 inch clear pocket to store the kids iPads so that they can watch films whilst travelling and still use the touch screen controls through the plastic. There is a hole to run a charger cable or set of earphones through. There are 4 sections where you could store drinks bottles.

Car backseat organizer


This car seat organiser definitely stops so many kids toys ending up on the floor of your car, It keeps everything that they need where they can reach it themselves.

It is ideal if you have a baby or a toddler. You can use it as a baby backseat car organiser to keep baby milk powder, baby wipes, diapers, toys and baby milk bottles.

This car backseat organiser keeps the car organised and keeps it very neat and tidy. During this pandemic it can also be used to hold hand sanitisers, masks and gloves.

High-quality durable material

SURDOCA car organiser has been made with high-quality oxford material and 70g clear & durable PVC free plastic on the iPad pocket.

The 1-inch broad straps are tough enough to enhance the maximum holding weight. A sturdy zipper on the 1st big pocket makes it sturdy enough to last a long time.

The manufacturing company uses a sewing process that uses 8 pins per inch, worked with 5.5g silk which is more solid than general silk or cotton thread. The tear-resistant net cloth used cannot be easily torn by the kids making it a fantastic product.

Anti-cutting rounded opening

  • Anti-cutting rounded opening in the iPad pocket, protect kids from injury

Inverted triangle sewing

  • Reinforced inverted triangle sewing process, durable and tear resistant.

Dense sewing

  • 8-pin dense sewn per inch with three strands of nylon thread, better than ever.

Easy to Clean

This car organiser is machine washable so is very easy to clean especially after long trips.

Quality Maintenance and Assurance

The SURDOCA car seat organiser has been upgraded 7 times ensuring better quality and durability.


This product is reasonably priced making it affordable for all families. Great value for money.

SURDOCA car organiser has made my life easier. It is amazing to be able to keep all the items I need in one place. I highly recommend SURDOCA car backseat organiser due to its high quality and durable material, several convenient sized compartments, excellent design and fast delivery. Grab yourself a SURDOCA Car organiser. It is a great way to securely store your travel accessories.


About the company

Founded in the fall of 2017, SURDOCA is a young and caring home storage brand. Every year, they provide high-quality storage products for tens of thousands of families. The products gradually cover the use of cars, kitchens, bedrooms, etc. They hope to provide you with a full range of home storage products with high quality and comfortable materials and excellent design. At present, they have opened up in six countries and they hope to bring tidy and convenience to more families in the future.

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