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Keeping our family car organised - competition to win a Surdoca car seat organiser!

Keeping our family car organised - competition to win a Surdoca car seat organiser!

Keeping our family car organised - competition to win a Surdoca car seat organiser!

With our family growing recently, a new car was on the cards and this week, we picked up our new wheels, which offer us more boot space and more room in general, so we're pretty pleased - especially as we travel regularly, to see friends and family or go on a staycation, so we were desperate for a bigger car that could carry all our stuff. Kids - babies, in particular - come with a lot of things, a lot of bulky things!

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Because the car is new, I am more keen than ever to keep it clean and tidy. I am the main driver in the family and I am amazed at how quickly clutter can accumulate in our car, so everyone has a responsibility to look after it.

I even bought a new car seat for Ethan, because his was looking a bit grotty and I wanted a nice new seat that matched the interior. I know, I know... but this car looks so lovely, I am determined to ensure it stays looking its best!

Another new addition for our new wheels is this fab back of car seat organiser, from Surdoca. Perfect for families, I have put this on the back of hubs' chair so that it is positioned in front of Ethan and gives him somewhere to keep his drink, his toys and the odd snack (if he can be trusted...) within reach.

It's a clever and easy to install design. The panel features an adjustable clip-around strap at the top and another at the bottom, so you can fit this around your specific car's chair measurements, and make it taut so the items stay in place, neatly out the way.

You're then ready to fill it up as much as you need, as there's a huge capacity. There's two sturdy drinks holders, a deep pocket, several mesh pockets, a zipped section at the top AND a protected pocket big enough for a mini iPad or other tablet. This is a great feature, particularly for those longer car trips, as a way to keep your child occupied - and your gadget safe and secure at the same time.

The material appears to be really durable so should be easy to clean and I am so pleased at how it fits in, nice and smart, into our new car. It'll make Ethan happy (I am sure that he will find a way to fill all the pockets before too long) whilst giving me some peace of mind that the back seat of the car won't become a complete mess.

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