About Us

Surdoca was established by three passionate young individuals in 2017 as an automobile storage brand to offer comprehensive solutions to households worldwide for automobile storage and organization, making their car space cleaner and more convenient.

By 2022, our design team had created over 10 products designed for different car scenarios - such as front seat, passenger side, back seat, middle seat and trunk. Surdoca products had been sold across 15 countries serving over 800,000 families!

Why Us?

At Surdoca's founding, its founders noticed that traditional trunk storage solutions only utilized horizontal space; leaving vertical space unused.

To address this problem, Surdoca developed its signature trunk hanging storage bag - thus starting their journey as car storage brand.

What sets our products apart is our meticulous approach.

Each product goes through rigorous testing and improvement for at least six months prior to launch to meet the highest standards, while once released we continue listening to consumer feedback in terms of fabric, craftsmanship, style, size, packaging and instructions - with over 200 improvements already implemented on various models!

surdoca storage items


At Quality Control

Our manufacturer boasts nearly two decades of experience in fashion production, as well as multiple production lines capable of quickly producing various automotive storage bags total more than 4000,00 items annually.

 surdoca factory


Learn About social responsibility

Wastewater from each product we manufacture is only released once it meets stringent standards, and German sewing needles are utilized for use, which not only ensure worker safety but also enhance product quality. Furthermore, all employees enjoy premium insurance protection and social welfare policies that ensure optimal workplace wellness.
We hope that all employees within the supply chain receive the dignity and protection that is deserved of them.

Information About Cooperating brands.

At present, Inflation is our sole cooperative brand; however, more brands may become our partners over time.

Surdoca offers quality, innovation and convenience when it comes to automobile experiences. We are here to enhance your automotive journey!

Office address: Forstreet London Ltd.238 Hedge Lane,Palmers Green,London England N13 5DA